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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  February 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a disney star, and nfl legend, and we will introduce you to the rest of dancing's latest cast. >> >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it is the day, wednesday, for every 29. it's going to be wet. thanks for joining us, i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. adam caskey has the forecast in a moment. first, breaking news in bulletins burke, maryland. a partial road collapse could make a mess of the morning drive. jummy olabanji is live along route 50. >> the single goal is located right behind us under the cross everyone is familiar with in this area. we have video of what it looks like. -- the sinkhole. it is about 8 feet long and 8 inches deep.
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we are hearing from officials that just got on the scene that 11:30 last night is when they were made aware. this is the result of a collapse and happened -- a water main breaks that collapsed part of this road a few weeks ago. we do know that a contractor was opposed to tax the area, but for some reason the work was not completed. that is what caused the sinkhole to occur. officials say the repairs will start in just a couple hours. -- we do know that a contractor was supposed to patch the area, but for some reason the work was not completed. they are asking people to avoid this area of to allow them to do repairs. the cars that you see our behind me on route 1.
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we are hoping to get information from officials as to how long the repairs will last. reporting live in bladensburg jummy olabanji. >> thanks. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. and a look at the forecast with changes that may be on the way. >> that's for sure. today will be near 50 degrees for the high temperatures and prepare for rainfall. no showers at this time, but the leading edge is moving into west virginia and it will be here within the next couple hours. 38 in washington, 36 in olney 36 in bristow, 39 in warrenton. for the most part, upper 30's, some spots at 40 degrees. the rain will come in a couple back to us today. the first this morning and midday and the second one this evening. highs near 50. three-quarters of an inch of rain expected. sunshine tomorrow, 60's. >> 395 northbound the there are
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two accidents. between seminary road and king street in the main lanes is the first one, on the left shoulder. it is really tight driving in the left lane. northbound 395 near washington boulevards there's an accident blocking the right lane. traffic in maryland on 270 looks fine. sac town from urbana to hyattstown as normal backups. -- southbound from urbana. >> mitt romney swept tuesday opposing presidential primaries in michigan and arizona. >> the stakes could not been higher for him but centcom still gave him a run for the money. romney won by about three points in michigan. that's 30,000 votes. in arizona he's holding on to a double-digit lead. what is next for the once and future front runner? brianne carter has a look ahead. >> while he has reason to celebrate, romney and all the other candidates looking ahead
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to major contests next tuesday. romney is currently leading in the delegate counts of his rivals say the race is far from over. and a home state victory for presidential hopeful mitt romney, who last night edged out his opponents to win michigan and arizona. >> thank you, michigan. this is a big night. thank you, guys. after weeks of the back-and- forth battle between romney and rick santorum, the two-state primary sweep gives the former massachusetts governor momentum. he summarized what his campaign is all about. >> i have a plan that will restore america's promise through more jobs, less debt, and smaller government. >> santorum says that he's not backing down. >> a month ago they did not know who we were, but they do now. >> gingrich and ron paul wasted little effort in those states pointing ahead to next week's super tuesday and where 410 delegates in 10 states will be
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at stake. georgia, tennessee oklahoma, and virginia are we're very conservative voters are expected to be a big part of the electorate. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> congressional republicans will lose a major power player next year. maine senators olympia snowe says that she will not run for reelection, blaming a bitter partisan atmosphere on capitol bill. she served in congress more than three decades. tonight the president will honor more than 1 million american heroes who served in the war in iraq. he is hosting a formal dinner at the white house for 200 service members representing all 50 states and u.s. territories. if a widow will represent the families of nearly 4500 americans who died. >> one person under arrest in connection with a late-night robbery in the west washington. a person was robbed around 11:00 last night on connecticut avenue
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and near dupont circle. it's not clear if the person arrested in this case is connected to a string of robberies since the beginning of the year. also, learning more about the teenager accused of killing three students at an ohio high school. 17-year-old t.j. lane is accused of shooting five people at chardon high school on monday. two students are still hospitalized. prosecutors say that he chose his victims at random and that it was not about to bullying or about drugs. he appeared in juvenile court yesterday but could be charged as an adult. >> the in the day ahead, a former maryland residents expected to become the first high-value guantanamo bay detainee to be convicted in a war crimes tribunal. military documents say that he will plead guilty to conspiracy, murder, and other charges as part of appeal that would give him no more than 25 years in jail. prosecutors say that kahn was involved in plots against the u.s. and other countries.
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a general from fairfax county died in a tennis and will be buried today at arlington national cemetery. if brigadier-general died october 3 of natural causes. the 49-year-old terrance deployed to afghanistan in december had commanded a unit in charge of military supplies. he leaves behind a wife and four children. >> a yesterday the pentagon admitted the military dumped the cremated remains of some 9/11 victims in a virginia landfill. the unidentified remains were from people who died at the pentagon as well as in shanksville, pennsylvania. there's no word on how many remains or disposed of this way. >> its wednesday morning, 37 degrees in waldorf. >> still ahead a local lawmaker leads police on a high-speed chase and then walks away with a slap on the wrist. what she now says about this
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incident. >> snow and tornadoes, the latest damage from severe weather crossing the country. >> it will be a wet wednesday and then smooth sailing into the weekend. a beautiful look at
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>> 6:0010. lays on the orange line. a broken down train has been taken care of. that's at the vienna station. that has caused orange line delays. and on the road, delays. 395 collision northbound at
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washington boulevard, on the right shoulder. back to you. >> thank you. i will take it from here. looking at live super doppler 7 radar. the leading edge of the rain moving into the interstate 81 corridor to in winchester and moving through romney. temperatures in the upper 30's for the most part up to about 40 degrees. light rain to the west will push east. i expect the leading edge of rain in the metro area if by 8:00 a.m. notice the yellow and orange on the screen of to the west. that indicates heavier rain moving through west virginia. we will have moderate to heavy showers embedded within the rain throughout the day. the first round will be this morning through lunchtime. in the second round later this evening into the early nighttime. maybe even isolated thunderstorms. don't be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder later on today. highs near 50 degrees with intermittent showers. about three-quarters of an inch expected.
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a healthy soaking of rain. back to the sunshine tomorrow, breezy warmer, 66 degrees for the high temperature on the first of march. >> in the midwest experiencing all types of wild weather. an apparent tornado touched down in central kansas. one person critically injured calf and a number of buildings damaged or destroyed. trees and power lines down all over. in minnesota, dealing with a late winter snowstorm. the same system could bring several inches of snow to parts of the northeast. 6:12 right now. we will try not to think about that. it's 40 degrees in d.c. the dow jones's highest start since 2008. can wash street keep the momentum? >> and special treatment for prince george's county council member. why she says that she is sorry. >>
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington" with cynne simpson and steve chenevey. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a decision on ultrasound is parking strong reactions from virginia residents. >> if the bill passed yesterday to a band-aid the abdominal ultrasound exams for women seeking an abortion. it is different from the original version which would have required a more evasive ultrasound. and amendmenan amendment would have an exception for women who victims of rape or . >> i still think it takes away respect for women being able to make a judgment. >> governor bob mcdonnell is
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expected to sign the bill. and yesterday he signed a law repealing a handgun purchase of only one per month. >> through april 29 and now for protesters. an organizer at freedom plaza says protesters are complying with the rules by not sleeping there at night. it's a prince george's county councilwoman is apologizing for bad behavior behind the wheel. karen toles was going more than 100 miles an hour on the beltway last week. doctors and try to pull her over, but she kept going. if when she was finally stopped she was belligerent and kept mentioning her government position. she issued a statement yesterday saying she was leaving a meeting and was late for her next appointment and that she considers moving violations serious matters and rex the incident.
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>> for them to let her go, if it was me, i would be in jail. >> that is sad, try to kill yourself and someone else. >> she was not even given a speeding ticket, just a warning. she did get a $90 ticket for making an unsafe lane change. she was driving a county-owned suv at the time. >> 6:15. metro riders in falls church will get their chance tonight to sound off on metro's plan to raise fares. the agency will hold a second of six public hearings on the controversial plan at dan anderson middle school cafeteria. that begins at 6:00. metro is also rolling out a new way to communicate with passengers. you can choose to receive e- mails and text messages as part of the new metro alert system. bus riders will receive up to the minute delays about the taurus and schedule changes and royal riders will receive
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similar updates. >> celebrating leap day at the happiest place on earth. rob nelson has that story and more. >> topping america's money, a milestone for the market. the dow jones closed the above 13,000 for the first time since the financial crisis began. it's a sign of increasing optimism by investors that the economy is improving. the greek parliament has paved the way for second round of international rescue loans. it approved cuts in public workers' pensions and government spending and the minimum wage decreased. home depot will take paypal now. you can spend 24 hours straight at disney's theme park.
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there will be special events and merchandise. that's america's money. i am rob nelson. >> time for look at traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's check in with lisa baden. >> i have been checking with metro rail. a broken down train at the vienna station caused residual delays if you are getting ready to catch an orange line train. everything has been cleared from the tracks. i will take you to a live picture of traffic in maryland. i'm not sure where that is. no problems to report as far as 95 66, 395 has two accidents notes account. one of them at king street and another near washington boulevard. they have both been moved to the shoulders. we have been checking in with jummy olabanji all morning in bladensburg in cumberland at the cross. 450 westbound is closed at
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alternate route 1. >> it is 6:18, 37 degrees. >> not a bad start to the day, but the rain is moving into town. it's not in the metro area now but prepare for later this morning and throughout most of the day. let's start with live super doppler 7. the leading edge of the rain moving through the shenandoah valley and interstate 81 corridor winchester and front royal right there. moving through charlottesville as well. hagerstown is about to get hit. this is like it. yellow will indicate moderate to heavy showers later on this morning into the midday. the american action in the afternoon with more showers in the evening. this will come in a couple of rounds. the first round this morning and the second in the evening. 40 degrees the district, 37 in manassas. looks like we will have warmer air so we expect only liquid
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precipitation today. 54 the high temperature. rain showers through lunchtime. -- 50 for the high temperature. a break in the afternoon and first part of the evening for the rain showers. west virginia and ohio, yellow and orange indicate heavier rain embedded within the storms. it is a big storm system dumping heavy snow in parts of the upper midwest and just rainfall for us today as that lautrec's to our north. we are on the warm side of it. in terms of overall accumulation, three-quarters of an inch of rain around the metro area. a good soaking. we need that this time of year. we could use a nice soaking of rain. any yellow that we see on the screen indicates the potential for around and may be over an inch particularly if in parts of west virginia and western maryland. three-quarters of an inch around the beltway. southern maryland according to
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this model about 0.7 inches. going into tomorrow, clearing with sunshine, scattered clouds, breezy westerly wind will be gusty. highs in the mid 60's tomorrow. first of march tomorrow. >> thank you so much. 6:21. >> the new cast of "dancing with the stars." who is competing. you are watching "good morning washington" on this wednesday. exorcisms. >> you can see the evil. >> plus, "modern family's" jesse tyler ferguson.
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♪>> a singing legend, disney star tennis star, and more. >> the cast of this season's "dancing runs the gam" is the gamut. >> jaleel white. >> this season's dancers include singer gladys knight and gavin degraw talk-show host sherri shepherd along with actress melissa gilbert and actor rochon
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fegan. tennis star martina navratilova actor jack wagner, opera singer katherine jenkins television host maria menounous and it will be a fun season. >> still another half-hour ahead on this wednesday. >> abel's big announcement, invitations in the mail. what to expect at the next events. >> a sinkhole has a large part of route 450 closed in bladensburg. we just spoke with officials. the latest is next. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. rain is pushing east. i will let you know whether it
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead and 6:30,
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romney celebrating a hard-fought home state victory. and a powerful storm hitting almost half the country. we are going to let you know what to expect here and home. good morning, washington. it's a leap day wednesday february 29. good morning, i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. adam caskey will have the latest on the stormy forecast coming up in a moment. we appreciate this live shot of the capitol building. we have a busy morning. breaking news from ellensburg. a partial road collapse could make a mess of the morning drive. jummy olabanji has been following this, along 450 all morning and has details. >> good morning. traffic for the most part is moving pretty smoothly. people are being detoured off of 450 on 2 route 1.
6:30 am
here's how this all happened. on february 15 a few weeks ago there was a water main break in this area. contractors were supposed to fix its the next day and complete the road work but it was not done. now we know that there's a sinkhole about eight or 9 feet long and about 8 inches deep. traffic is being rerouted. they are waiting for the contractor to arrive in a couple hours and they will redo the patch and then pavers. this could take several hours and impact traffic in this area. we know the several metro buses including the 218 andt18 and f1 are being detoured. weather now to lisa baden >> .
6:31 am
395 accident gonad washington will abroad but one of the merman's abound between seminary road and king streets. expect delays leaving the beltway. now to adam caskey. >> a beautiful shot of the nation's capital early this morning. here's a quick checkbeautiful picture. but don't let it deceive you. there's rain off to the west and will be here in about an hour- and-a-half in the metro area. showers off and on near 54 the high temperature -- 50 for the high temperature. a break in action this afternoon and a second round of rain later this evening. a few rumbles of thunder cannot be ruled out. training early tonight, and clearing. temperatures around 50 tonight. high temperatures in the '60s tomorrow, breezy and warmer. a healthy soaking of rain today off and on. back to you. >> thank you.
6:32 am
we begin with the 2012 campaign. a good night for republican presidential candidate mitt romney. >> he bounced back from a defeat earlier this month to win primaries in michigan and arizona. he beat back a tough challenge from an rick santorum to narrowly win his home state of michigan. the former massachusetts governor had an easier time in arizona. if that's where he beat santorum by more than 20 points. >> we did not win by a lot, but we won by enough and that's all the accounts for. >> a month ago they did not know who we work, but they do now. >> ronnie's victory in michigan gives him a fresh momentum but does not necessarily ease concerns of the study is not fully connecting with voters. republican presidential candidates will face of in 10 states next tuesday including ohio georgia oklahoma, tennessee, and virginia. >> the republican presidential hopefuls are looking ahead to super tuesday.
6:33 am
>> romney could find himself in unfriendly territory. dave leventhal is with us this morning. romney still vulnerable at this time. >> this could been a disaster wrapped in a catastrophe for him. but rick santorum really had a golden opportunity to beat mitt romney in his home state. he did not capitalize on it. now things are reset and go into super tuesday with a clean slate. central will have to regain his momentum that he had going into last night. >> how tough is that now going into super tuesday instead of one or two states to focus your campaign, now you have a whole bunch? >> the stakes are much higher. centaur will have to show voters and the republican party that he will be able to win states. three states that he won a couple weeks ago , show them
6:34 am
that it was more than a flash in the pan. romney has to win six or seven states like john mccain did, a big super tuesday victories that propels him forward as the clear front-runner which mitt romney still is not. >> a lot of people are concerned if the goes against barack obama that mitt romney would not win. >> and barack obama is capitalizing on this, going into michigan having a rousing speech. you thought that he was gone to say "yes we can." that was the kind of 10tenor that he had. he wants to be an active participant from the get go. >> this is especially after the turnaround in the automotive industry and obama taking a lot of credit for that. congressional republicans losing a major power player next year. maine senators olympia snowe says that she will not run for
6:35 am
reelection. she blames the bitter partisan atmosphere on capitol no. if she has served in congress more than three decades. tonight president obama will honor more than 1 million american heroes who served in iraq. he's hosting a formal dinner at the white house for 200 service members representing all 50 states and territories. a widow will rise of the families of the nearly 4500 americans who died. >> 7 people including five children looking for new place to live after an overnight house fire in northwest. flames broke out around 2:30 this morning in the kitchen of a home in the 5200 block of second street. no one was hurt and no word on the cause. also details emerging about monday posted in the shooting at an ohio high school. prosecutors say the accused gunman, 17-year-old t.j. lane to zero systems at random. the shooting was not about drugs or bullying. he is suspected of killing three
6:36 am
students and wounding two others at chardon high school. he appeared in juvenile court yesterday could soon be charged as an adult. >> a second suspect in the murder of alexandria community activist faces a preliminary hearing. 20-year-old ivan newman charts with killing lenny harris last year. the body was found last month in a well behind its fort washington home. a judge ordered another suspect linwood johnson yesterday to be held without bond. untenable from fairfax county died in afghanistan will be buried at arlington national cemetery today. brigadier-general terence hildner died february 3 of natural causes. the 49-year-old deployed to afghanistan in december and commanded a unit that manages military supplies and he leaves behind a wife and four children. >> a body disposal scandal at dover air force base keeps growing. the pentagon yesterday admitted the military dumped the cremated
6:37 am
remains of some 9/11 victims in a landfill. the report says the unidentified remains or from people who died at the pentagon and in shanksville, pennsylvania. no word on how many remains were disposed of this way. a coast guard members dead and three others missing after a helicopter crash in alabama. the coast guard said the chopper went down in mobile bay glass night during a training mission. one person was pulled from the water but pronounced dead. the coast guard is using up boats and helicopters to search for the missing crew members. >> it is 37 degrees in frederick. >> still ahead new details about last week's onstar the ss7 local firefighters to the hospital. we will have a live report. >> and doug hill joins us with a check on
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>> 6:00 hour 40. it's leap day on this wednesday morning. -- 6:40. no accidents on 270 southbound. at father hurley boulevard in this picture, traffic headed away from us moving very nicely to join the beltway. it was sticky in virginia northbound 395 if. headlights are northbound. two accidents on the way to the pentagon? . one of them remains at king
6:41 am
street, on the shoulder. the one that was on washington boulevard is gone. there's a sinkhole on 450 route 1 at the cross. back to you. >> thank you. good morning to doug hill on this wednesday morning with a look at the forecast. >> good morning. have ourselves a window of new this morning especially south and east of the city before the rain moves in, but the rain will be on the way. a little sunshine will be the high point of the day on the eastern horizon. armiits 40 degrees in the city right now, 46 south of the washington metro area in quantico and 43 in culpeper. 39 degrees in frederick right now. here's live super doppler 7 radar. making its way across the shenandoah valley is the rain. it will make it through tennessee and winchester and
6:42 am
front royal. looks like there are moderate patches of rain to keep an eye on as well. we will have every day. the rain will continue pushing east and it will taper off and then return tonight. much different tomorrow after the cold front. rainy today. the next seven days, a dramatic turn. trees and warm weather, sunshine tomorrow, mid 60's. if chance of rain on friday ended saturday with cooler temperatures. and it's sleep debt. -- leap day. >> 36 degrees in riverdale. >> apple's hint about the rumored ipad 3. >> we will learn later today would cause a fire in riverdale
6:43 am
that injured seven firefighters. a live report straight ahead. >> first abortion and
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00, the newest social media addiction to explode on to the scene. pinterest is the fastest- growing independent web sites ever. join us at 5:00. >> it is 6:45 right now. a decision on an emotional issue in virginia has opponents outraged. >> of virginia senate narrowly passed a bill yesterday man dietin -- mandating abdominal ultrasound. the new amendment would exempt
6:46 am
victims of rape and. now the bill returns to the house or it is expected to pass. >> it's a tough bill and there are good arguments on each side. >> it is very evasive whether it is internal or external. it takes away the respect for a woman to make a judgment. -->> -- the new amendment would e exempt victims of rape and incest. >> on friday night in riverdale maryland, a house fire injured several firefighters. john gonzalez has the latest developments. >> this was a flash fire that injured seven firefighters in riverdale last friday inside the small home. since then the department has been trying to figure out what caused it. later today the fire chief will hold a press conference to announce not only because but
6:47 am
also the origin. two volunteer members are still in the hospital with serious burns. both of them 22 years old kevin. o'toole suffered burns over 40% of his body, currently recovering from skin graft surgery. the crew got a call to this abandon home on 57 avenue last friday night's eight seconds after entering the home high winds blasted through creating a fireball. ethan sorrell, the other firefighters still in hospital, suffered major burns. he was able to come off a ventilator earlier this week, we understand. both remain in critical but stable condition. kevin o'toole will be hospitalized at least six weeks. if this home was vacant and abandoned. it's not the only vacant home in the neighborhood. criminal activity is a common issue with cases like this. if we will find out exactly what happens later today. reporting from riverdale, john gonzalez. >> thanks so much.
6:48 am
metro riders in falls church will get their chance to try to sound off on metro's plan to raise fares. the agency will hold a second of six public hearings on the controversial plant that will be held a a patterson middle school cafeteria. before and begins a 6:00. a federal judge has delayed the start of two trials resulting from the debris metro red line crash in 2009. both wrongful death cases were scheduled to go on trial next month but were postponed until october and november. metro and several other companies have settled with the families of seven of nine victims. >> big news from apple. the computer giant is expected to unveil its new ipad during an event next week in san francisco. the ipad 3 will reportedly includes a sharper screen and faster broadband auctions. apple has sold 55 million ipads since the device debuted in
6:49 am
2010. wall street is celebrating a milestone as the dow jones gained 24 points and closed above 13,000 for the first time since 2008. the strong finish came after a good report on consumer confidence. the dow jones is around 1200 points away from its all-time high. >> let's open it keeps rising. why want to a check on traffic and weather lisa baden. >> they are waiting to begin repairs on a sinkhole. this is video in bladensburg is, maryland. it developed where there was an earlier water main break 450 found that across. alternate route 1. they are alternating traffic onto route 1. route 1 would serve you better mare island day no. and carole north avenue pipa as well. 45 -- kenilworth avenue will serve
6:50 am
you as well. >> we will have a little changed. the rain is on the way. it's going to be a rainy day. you need the umbrella ready. looking to the east from the metro area, cloudy. a very pretty morning looking at the chesapeake bay. clearing skies off to the east across the other side of the bed. 40 in annapolis right now. mainly in the 30's north and west of the metro area. 37 degrees in rockville. 39 ian burke. -- in burke. a solid line of rain, continuing to move towards the metro area. that will continue over the next couple hours. a few heavier downpours will be
6:51 am
with us throughout the day. all this in response to the leading edge of the storm system that is well to our northwest. we have a warm front. later tonight a cold front. tomorrow for the first day of march, sunny breezy, warm. i thought you might like that. that's a story. let's look at the potential rainfall. three-quarters of an inch in the metro area. there will be pockets that are little heavier especially north and west of the washington area. and a little less in lower southern maryland and the northern neck. areas of rain today and will be near 50. temperatures slowly rising, more sunshine tomorrow and drying. back to you. >> thank you. sounds good. 6:51 right now, around 40
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> wednesday morning. a check on our top stories. mitt romney celebrating victories in michigan and arizona. he narrowly defeated rick santorum to win his home state of michigan and easily won in arizona. the candidates will face off in 10 states next super tuesday. >> a road collapse has shut down a major commuter route into the district. westbound lanes of bladensburg road are closed to baltimore
6:55 am
ave. it could be several more hours before the road is fixed. >> one person died and 13 others injured when a possible tornado hit a mobile home park in missouri. another person critically injured when a tornado moved through kansas overnight. saddam did in both states. we will continue to watch that. >> move over, tim kaine, move over george allen. >> attended a toping to get his way to the top in the virginia u.s. senate race. hank the cat is in the race. his owner matthew o'leary, his campaign manager, ran hank as a write-in candidates in a recent race. he got nine votes. hank should aspire to higher office, some say. >> e is an independent candidate. he has lots of ads running on facebook and twitter, lots of people supporting him. -- he is an independent
6:56 am
candidate. >> lisa baden =. >> i like is little necktie. newschopper 7, let's go together to look at northbound 95. looks good northbound out of woodbrige to get to newington normal volume. everything is open up to the pentagon. there were issues earlier, but those are resolved. adam caskey is next. >> areas of rain today especially this morning and again in the evening. nearly 50 for the high temperature. tomorrow breezy, westerly winds at times, as well into the '60s with sunshine. chance of showers friday night and especially the first part of the day on saturday. cooling off by the end of the weekend. >> thank you.
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